Text Box: APPOSS has been specifically designed to comply with the new Second-hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 2004 and allows pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers to efficiently run their business in compliance with this new legislation. APPOSS has fields to record the customers ID, model number and redemption price all required by the act and police. 
Customers and item descriptions are all stored in databases meaning there is no limit to the amount that can be stored and the data can be retrieved quickly. This has the advantage of the details only needing to be entered once, no matter how many times the customer or item come back. This results in reduced customer waiting times. Users say the program is easy to use, intuitive and ideal for their requirements.
Simple, efficient and easy to understand screen layouts
Customers details recorded only need to be entered once.
Pawn Items recorded so do not need to be re-entered if they come back into the shop after being redeemed.
One Click Photo Taking, 4 Photos per customer, 1 Photo per Item
Supports both Stock Purchases and Pawn Contracts (Loans)
Unlimited number of customers and contracts
Unlimited number of items per contract
Unlimited Payments and transactions per contract
Searches by Customer No, Name, Address, phone, Contract No, Description and even serial number to guarantee finding the correct item.

APPOSS is the latest release from Overdrive Systems, It is the successor to our Pawnbroker  Software which has been constantly refined since our first version in 1997.  Pawnbroker  is used by three of the biggest franchises in New Zealand—Xtra Cash, Ezy Cash, Cash Box and independent stores such as Quick Money and Cash-in-Hand. 

APPOSS has been acclaimed by the New Zealand Police  as it has  aided in the capture of suspected thieves due to the programs detailed searches and photo capabilities. 

APPOSS has a fully integrated Point of Sale system, including detailed stock control, GST reports and facilities for lay-bys.

Text Box: Overdrive Systems 2000 Ltd
Text Box: Contact :  John

30 Westpark Drive
West Harbour
Auckland  0618
New Zealand

Phone: (09) 950 3397
Email:  john@overdrive-systems.co.nz
Text Box: APPOSS V1
Single User Version NZ$3995 incl GST
Network Version       NZ$3995 incl GST
	Unlimited  no of Computers
Support  Fee NZ$50+GST per year
	Includes telephone and online support. 	Does not include on site  visits.
Payment Options are available.
Prices are per store, For multiple stores
	please contact us for pricing
Additional charges may apply to customise contracts and receipts.

Hardware Requirements
PC 800 Mhz Processor or above
20GB hard Drive or above
256 Mb or above
Windows 10
Modem or internet  connection for online support
USB camera for  photos
Docket Printer for Receipts
Cash draw
Customer Display
Laser Printer
Inkjet Printer
CD-Writer for backup (or other media)

(All hardware is available from Overdrive Systems please contact us for prices)
Text Box: Full Point of Sale System includes stock control for consumables such as phone cards) not just stock purchases and pawn contracts. Includes detailed history of sales, stock on hand, memo notifications for things like ID required and competitions.
Full Lay by system including automatic printing of contracts, Full recording of payments and balances remaining. Including simple cancellation, charging of cancellation fees and returning item into stock.
Automatic receipt printing from docket printer for both payments and sales.
Passwords to protect reports and record staff actions
Report Generator to create detailed stock reports i.e. All Playstations in Stock, All Loans overdue by 1 month or more, All loans over $500 are some examples of what can be achieved. 
Performance Reports showing changes in stock levels over time.
GST reports
Network And Single Computer compatible.
Compatible with most major hardware suppliers.  Support for Cash draws, Customer Displays, Docket Printers, Label Printers, Laser and Inkjet Printers and barcode readers.
Developed and fully supported by New Zealanders
Over 8 years experience designing software for industry