A special blend of Essential Oils for the boost of your Libido. Helps restore your mojo and your get up and go.
It contains a blend of Essential Oils of Geranium, Rose, Jasmine each with its own unique properties and re balancing qualities. Safe, natural, and easy to use... Just a few snuffs and the effects are felt , quickly and quietly, and you are NOT left sleepy, or groggy. These are Essential Oils, safe, natural., (full instructions a sheet on use and benefits of each oil..) Comes in a wee organza bag, making it easy to carry around, and bring out as required.

For those who have tried one of my cuddlys , you will know they work.

You can carry the Wand with you where ever you go, discreet, portable.
Keep one in your pocket, handbag, , glove box, any where, and, at this price keep a couple so you don't loose one.
Only the finest Essential oils have been used,.
There are other blends available for Travel/nausea, Libido Lifter, Menopause, Stress, Morning sickness, Migraine, Focus/Memory boost, Insomnia, Anxiety Ease, PMT relief
NZ$ 7.00 including GST
NZ$ 6.09 excluding GST
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