Hair Spritzer for Girls !
At last mothers..a clean easy to use NIT REPELLENT .
This is my special blend of Essential Oils in a pretty little Glass Spritzer bottle for girls to spray upon their hair in the mornings.A fine mist of pleasant smelling safe natural oil's onto the hair, then comb through and off you go. This blend protects and repels the little mites fleas or mites..keeping the hair and head clean and itch free .
If there are already creatures who have taken up residence. I suggest a treatment with my slightly stronger blend. NITKILLER which also comes in a spritz bottle to spray on the hair overnight. Then shampoo off in the morning. Repeat until clear.Comes with a plastic nit comb.
Once the comb is clear switch to SAPPHIRES SECRET each morning - Spray and Go..

The ingredients are
Essential Lavender Oil Geranium Oil Lemongrass Oil Tea tree Rose and of course the secret ingredient. .UNICORNS BREATH.
All in a natural carrier oil.. . Well have YOU ever seen a Unicorn scratching? I haven't ! They eat herbs found only in the deep woods which repel nits and nasties and if they breathe into a vat of Fairy potion, the effect carries over. Sometimes little girls need a wee magic in their lives too..
Spray into hats, onto hair ties and re apply after swimming. Onto wet hair and let dry.
These oils are safe and natural and will not make the hair stringy or dull quite the opposite and in fact give it a lovely shine as well as fragrance.

Nitkits available also containing killer and preventative .plus KEVINS KOMB THRU for boys .
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NZ$ 12.17 excluding GST
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