DOG FLEAS Exterminator

DOG FLEAS Exterminator
The Exterminator ! Plagued by fleas and mites on your Dogs? Yet your children still want to cuddle their pets.
Try our newest product - The Exterminator ! Helps eliminate Fleas, mites gently, naturally but successfully.
A carefully selected blend of Essential Oils, each one chosen for a specific purpose to eliminate. nasties, sooth irritated skin and repel all new boarders. Includes 5 Essential oils in a natural base.
An instruction sheet is included plus a list of Essential Oils in the blend, all approved for use on dogs in these quantities and in this base oil.
I have selected oils which Eliminate Fleas, some which sooth the skin after a bite or reduce inflammation or irritation caused by flea bites..and 2 oils which repel new invaders
The oils will remain potent for at least a week then it is wise to re dab.

Comes in a handy 10 ml plastic Dabber bottle.

The Exterminator stops inching and scratching. We recommend the use of a nit comb for daily grooming (most dogs love this) for a few weeks to get the infestation under control and then as needed. Add a couple of drops between each shoulder blade and at the base of the tail twice weekly. All the oils are safe for dogs used in these concentrations in a natural base. For sensitive dogs, try a spot test on the rear and discontinue if red or super itchy.
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